While this is not an in-house grade designed and manufactured by Panerai, it’s a strong and reliable movement that’s been used for over 40 years and, is in a configuration not available from any other brand.Like most Panerai watches, the dial is clean and easy to read. Even with the additional 24-hour ring surrounding the matte black dial, Panerai manages to make it legible in a glance. Along with the luminous-painted indicators, this is the point where the Luminor name is really apparent. Panerai watches glow quite brightly in the dark and the PAM88 isn’t a exception.On the wrist, so you wouldn’t expect a 44mm wide and 16mm thick watch to be comfy however, it’s. Panerai has done a good job to design brief lugs that permit the shiny square-scale alligator strap to fall naturally. The strap can also be tapered in thickness making it inviting but quite flexible where it must be. It’s then fastened with a signed, butterfly deployant clasp.Panerai’s layout of this Luminor instance, like previously mentioned, places the Luminor GMT squarely from the instrument watch category. However, using a clean design, exact proportions and fine finishing, you can surely wear this watch in many different situations. This model is particularly flexible as a result of polished case that sees it up a bit.

  • Overall, despite its high 44-millimeter diameter, the Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT is very comfy to wear, even though the lugs don’t curve quite far downward, which provides this big watch a propensity to slip back and forth across the wrist. Luckily, our concerns which the crown shield may poke uncomfortably into the back of the wrist have been unfounded.The crown shield’s hinged lever also doesn’t interfere with the operation of the watch. It may be quickly opened, and it’s easy to turn the large, easy-to-grasp crown while the watch is strapped to the wrist, making all the setting works user-friendly. The mainspring can be manually wound while the crown is pulled out to its original extracted position; the hour to the local time could be flashed in hourly increments when the crown is at its second position — a very handy feature for those who often travel beyond their home time zone. The date display jumps backward or forward accordingly, so readjusting it’s easy and fast, despite the lack of a real quick-adjustment mechanism.When you pull on the crown all the way out to its third position, the seconds hand on the subdial at 9 o’clock will race back to zero, the equilibrium will stop oscillating, along with the hours and moments can be reset in the typical way. Then, you may simply swing the lever over the crown and use it to press it into its secured place. Its recurrence triggers the hand to restart moving. Synchronizing this watch with an audible time sign or a radio-controlled clock is very simple thanks to this zero-return mechanism for the minutes hand, also used by A. Lange & Söhne and discovered on vintage Panerai watches. Like the return-to-zero purpose for the elapsed-time hands of a chronograph, it’s triggered by a lever inside the movement, acting on a return-to-zero heart mounted onto the team of the seconds hand.

  • Maybe their view has some emotional connection to an event in their past, perhaps it was a gift, and if you are like us (see nerds) you simply enjoy having a useful mechanical toy onto your wrist which likewise has fashion. While I typically easily understand my fellow watch enthusiasts, I will be the first to admit that initially I didn’t know the subgroup of watch nerds that are very frankly fanatics of the Officine Panerai brand, otherwise called the “Paneristis”.If you are not familiar with this breed of watch lover, just spend a few minutes perusing the Paneristi forum and I pretty much guarantee that you will depart the website astonished, if not perplexed, by the real enthusiastic and regular posts from Paneristis all around the world. They talk about every version, post movies, speculate on brand new versions, give advice to novices, and even frequently throw parties (all over the world) where fellow Paneristis come for a fantastic time, make friends, and of course show off their beloved Panerai models.I was simply blown away when I discovered the Paneristis and did not know why they existed in the first location. Also mesmerizing was why Panerai, a relatively recently revived watchmaking company with restricted styling, had become such an iconic brand? That’s, I was dumb, until I received my first Panerai… In this post I shall review my Panerai Luminor 1950 GMT or PAM 321 while trying to shed some light onto the Paneristi movement. While I do not consider myself a part of this “cult” however, I do now have a learned appreciation for the brand and its products and I believe I also know what the passion is all about — or at the very least I will share with you my opinions on the subject.

  • This gives the watch greater depth, keeps it faithful to its historic predecessors, and also explains the open, “stencil” design of these digits 6 and 9. This type of architecture guarantees that the numerals and indices glow uncommonly bright, making this watch quite legible in the dark. The hour hand for the second time zone is coated with luminous material, as are the small seconds hand and its own four accompanying indices. The time is also easy to see in daylight, though the absence of a moments ring on the dial’s periphery means it cannot always be read as one may want. The power-reserve display on the motion side utilizes a disk that moves under a window its colour changes from black to reddish shortly until the energy is exhausted.Careful evaluation detected a few specks of dust onto the hands, which were stamped from quite narrow inventory, which causes them to bend toward the polished eyelet at the center of the dial. There’s also an obvious break in the lace finishing over the lugs, which take the crosspiece that retains the strap.In the other respects, but the case is excellently crafted. It also scores points for its quick-change system for the strap lugs. A special tool, delivered with the watch, may be used to press a button on the underside of each lug, making it effortless to push out the crosspiece, remove the leather strap and then install the alternate rubber one which is also included.The wide, pre-mounted, machine-stitched crocodile-skin strap with cut edges is quite well-made, as is the pronged buckle, which brings to mind an old-fashioned jar opener. Some sharp edges become evident when you put it under a loupe, but you do not notice them after the watch is secured to your wrist.

  • Though the rotor is skeletonized, much of the movement’s inner workings are hidden because a massive plate covers the entire mechanism but for the equilibrium and its manhood. A closer look reveals a sickle-shaped window for the escape wheel and a different window through which one can observe the pawl of the automatic cooling system. The rear view also includes the power-reserve display: a red field comes into view through the aperture whenever the energy source shrinks into a critical level. Combined with the grim filling of this engraved decoration, it generates an attractively technical appearance that matches this watch total styling nicely. The polished heads of these silvery screws also look good, as do some of the other screws, which were thermally blued. Some of the edges are beveled, others equally beveled and polished: those seem very nice, even though they’re a bit narrow. The cover plate for the equilibrium, which has been stamped from sheet metal and hasn’t been thoroughly polished, is somewhat less impressive.The bidirectionally winding rotor utilizes pawls and runs over low-wear ceramic ball bearings. A total of 227 parts — such as 29 jewels for perfect reduction of friction — comprise the motion. Four screws across the rim provide the remedy to the issue of finely adjusting the equilibrium with no need for an index tail. Until a few decades back, this detail has been earmarked for watches in the upper echelons of haute horlogerie.

  • While this isn’t an in-house grade designed and manufactured by Panerai, it’s a strong and dependable movement that’s been used for more than 40 decades and, is at a configuration not available from another brand.Like most Panerai watches, the dial is clean and simple to read. In spite of the additional 24-hour ring surrounding the matte black dial, Panerai handles to make it legible in a glance. Along with the luminous-painted indexes, this is where the Luminor title is actually apparent. Panerai watches glow very bright in the dark and the PAM88 is no exception.On the wrist, you’d not anticipate a 44mm wide and 16mm thick watch to be comfortable however, it’s. Panerai has done a fantastic job to design brief lugs that allow the glistening square-scale alligator strap to fall naturally. The strap can also be tapered in thickness making it supportive but quite flexible where it needs to be. It’s then fastened using a signed, butterfly deployant clasp.Panerai’s layout of the Luminor case, like previously mentioned, places the Luminor GMT squarely in the tool watch category. However, with a clean layout, precise proportions and fine ending, you can surely wear this view in a variety of situations. This version is particularly versatile as a result of polished case that sees it up a bit.

  • Details

    Vintage military watches are some of the most popular pieces by collectors. The next level below those rare watches, are the modern pieces whose DNA is directly descended from those tried and true, purpose built, government issue watches. WatchTime put both wristwatch and caliber to the test in this attribute from the WatchTime archives.Caliber household P.9000, which surfaced in 2009, is the second line of in-house movements created by Panerai. Though their power reserve is shorter (three rather than eight times), these provide the ease of automatic winding at considerably less expense than their predecessors in the P.2000 family. Together with Caliber P.9001, that powers the watch in this evaluation, the household includes the basic P.9000 (without a second time zone or power-reserve display) and the P.9002 (using power-reserve screen on the front).

    Basic Info

    Brand Panerai
    Model Luminor GMT Automatic
    Chrono24-ID 4yd434
    Code 263691981985
    Movement Automatic
    Case material Pink gold
    Year 2000
    Gender Men’s watch/Unisex
    Location United States of America, Florida, Miami
    Price $21,995 [Negotiable]
    Availability Available now


    Movement Automatic


    Case material Pink gold
    Case diameter 44 mm
    Water resistance Not water resistant
    Dial Black


    Lug width 24 mm
    Size guide

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